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Medical Certificates

Started on 28/05/2020CAA Class 1, 2 & LAPL Medical Certificates

Dr Patrick Davey is both a general aviation pilot and an aeromedical examiner, undertaking class 1, class 2, LAPL, UK medicals and EASA renewal/revalidation medicals.
Please contact me on to book an appointment. Please allow 24 hours for a response (usually I answer within a few hours).

I undertake medicals on site at Pilot Flight Training, London Oxford airport, which is convenient for those training there. At the moment there is excellent parking within 50 or 100 yards of the offices of Pilot Flight training.
The system for applying for medicals has changed. Pilots need to open an account at the civil aviation authority customer portal ( and then make an online application (which will be reviewed when you attend for your medical) and pay a small fee direct to the CAA. Please note that the CAA can take up to 10 days to authorise your account so this is not an immediate thing, sadly.
A convenient time will be organised between you and myself through email, I am available many weekday mornings and early afternoons, though as ever it is best to make an appointment a few weeks in advance if possible. You can arrange an appointment before your CAA portal account is authorised.
The medical takes about one hour and if satisfactory you will be issued a medical certificate then and there. As your eyes need to be tested without and with any correction (if necessary) please do not wear contact lenses if you usually do, please wear glasses instead. If you need significant eye correction or have astigmatism or have had previous eye problems or surgery it is best to ask your local optician to fill in the form 162 beforehand, if possible ( If you have your previous prescription please do bring it along. A urine test will also be undertaken so it is best to arrive with a fullish bladder, please alert Dr Davey if there is an immediate need to go!
When you come to the Medical please make sure to bring the following:
  • Some form of photographic identification
  • Your CAA Number-this is very important; when you send emails to me if possible please do include this number
  • If you have a previous medical, that medical certificate
If you have had significant illnesses in the past if possible bring along any letters or documents you have on that, unless this has already been fully reported to the civil aviation authority through an aeromedical examiner before
If you have any questions or concerns beforehand please do ask, I would be delighted to answer them. I look forward to seeing you and in any case enjoy your flying and stay safe
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